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Why A Scullery Is the Best Part of Your Home You Never Knew You Needed

Why A Scullery Is the Best Part of Your Home You Never Knew You Needed
March 30, 2020 Sally_iq8H06LX2XX

A scullery is the name given to a secondary kitchen that is used as an alternative space to prepare food.

Usually a bit smaller than a normal kitchen with a countertop or bench space and sink, a scullery has heaps of great benefits that are not often thought of but when added, may almost become a must-have feature in any modern home.

Here are some reasons why a scullery could be the best thing you’ll ever have in your home.

Extra Storage Space

Considered almost as a kitchen extension, a scullery provides great additional storage space for a whole variety of things. Extra dishes and awkwardly-shaped serving platters, chunkier kitchen appliances, and even your pantry goods can all be stowed away in your scullery.

The extra space gives you more freedom to create the ultimate kitchen fit out with everything you’ve ever wanted, like a double-door fridge, home coffee machine or the latest kitchen gadgets from rice cookers to bullet blenders and more!

So Much More Room

The added space benefits don’t just stop at storage space. Additional counter space is incredibly useful for those messier or trickier recipes, so you can experiment to your heart’s content as home chef.

For those always on-the-go, the extra space provides more room to meal prep for a busy week ahead whilst the kids might be finishing off some homework, and is a great incentive to get your partner involved at meal times.

Keeps the House Clutter-Free

Nothing really beats coming home to a neat and tidy house and kitchen. Having a scullery is great as the extra storage space means messy-looking items can be neatly packed away and out of sight, keeping your living space Marie Kondo-approved.

Having a clean and tidy kitchen also creates a more enjoyable space to cook in, so you will be less inclined to order takeaway or go out, saving you big bucks down the track.

Great for Entertaining

For those who love to having friends and family over, having a scullery is a fantastic way to separate the entertaining area away from the ‘behind-the-scenes’ area of washing, chopping and tidying.

The kitchen can be reserved for plating and even grazing, while the scullery keeps the mess completely out of sight, creating a stress-free event and makes tidying up a breeze.

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