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The Benefits Of Building A Brand New Home

The Benefits Of Building A Brand New Home
February 26, 2020 Sally_iq8H06LX2XX
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It is a question that many people looking to move home ask themselves…do I buy an established property or build a new home? At the moment, there are lots of reasons why building a new home is the best option. Interest rates are currently at record breaking lows, and they are forecast to drop even further over the next 12 months. Home builders are offering extremely fast build times, and with rental properties increasing in price, there is no better time for building your brand new home.

Probably one of the biggest pros when it comes to building is that you can get exactly what you want, your home can be as unique as your family is. Everyone has different priorities when it comes to building a home, being able to choose a design that suits your lifestyle is a big advantage. If you love to cook, then a huge kitchen may be top of your list of wants. Maybe you love to watch movies, in which case a home theatre would be a must.

These Are The Benefits Of Building A Brand New Home;

Cost Efficiency

Purchasing a new home usually involves taking on a mortgage, which of course is a big financial responsibility. The bonus of building versus buying, is that you can incorporate systems into

your new home to save money as well as help the environment. Solar power and energy efficient lighting are great options, and there are water saving innovations available too. There is also the opportunity to work with your home builder to design your own home, using eco friendly principles to ensure you keep energy costs down. New homes are generally built to higher requirements anyway, saving you money.


High-tech homes are the way of the future, and it is much easier to incorporate all this new technology during the construction of the home. Building means that you can add the latest water and energy saving products, and all the smart wiring can be done too. Fully automating an established home will not only cost more, but will cause considerable disruption in your home while the work is being completed.

Your Design, Your Way!

Looking for an established home that perfectly fits your family and lifestyle can be difficult, if not impossible. Being able to choose a house design you like, and then having the flexibility to make changes is the best way to ensure you get a home you will love. Of course if you really want your home to be as individual as you are, then you can always choose to have a home design customised just for you.

Statutory Warranties

Another benefit of building, is that new homes in WA are covered by a six year statutory warranty. If you purchase an established home that ends up having major issues, you have no recourse. Momu takes it even further by offering a lifetime structural warranty. Make sure that you choose a registered builder, so you can relax knowing that your home will be finished to a high standard.


There is less deposit generally required as you only pay stamp duty on the land component, not the whole amount, and government grants for first home buyers and stamp duty exemptions.


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