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Must-haves every home needs

Must-haves every home needs
July 16, 2019 Sally_iq8H06LX2XX

What to include when you design your own home

When building a new home there are so many products on offer to help make your home functional, comfortable and also visually attractive.

Trying to decide what you do and don’t want or need in your new home can be overwhelming. Thinking back to previous places you have lived is a good place to start- consider what things you would have changed about that house and what things you absolutely loved.

The following are some of the most popular inclusions in homes being built recently. These things not only look great, but can enhance your home’s livability and resale value.

Huge Island Bench

From preparing food and doing homework, to being used as a dinner table- Island benches have a multitude of possible uses. Having a large working space in a kitchen will never be a waste, the bigger the better. Apart from functional purposes, island benches can be a focal point in your kitchen/dining area. Sinks, wine bottle holders and extra cupboards or drawers can all be built into your island bench.

A decent sized laundry

The size of their laundry is one of the biggest regrets for new homeowners. When you design your own home, the most neglected room is usually the laundry, with no bench space and the narrowness of the area being the biggest complaints. Considering the need to sort, iron and fold clothes, putting a bit more thought into the overall functionality of the space will save problems in the future.

A stunning alfresco area

Living in Australia, it seems a shame not to take advantage of the climate. With hot summers and mild winters, an alfresco that connects to your indoor living space will allow you to spend more time outside.

Perimeter Security System

Most security systems use internal motion sensors and are for use when the home is empty. If you can afford to pay a bit more, then a perimeter security system is worth considering. Allowing you to have the system on when you are home alone, or asleep at night, will definitely give you peace of mind.

Garage size

With so many people now owning SUVs and 4WDs, it is important to make sure the height and width of the garage is big enough to accommodate larger vehicles. Not having a garage big enough to fit their vehicle could be a deal breaker for someone looking to purchase your home in the future, so it is a worthwhile investment in the long run.

USB power points

In this technological age we live in, so many devices now come with a USB cable. Including USB power points in your new build is a move you won’t regret. So convenient and something that will most likely become standard in all homes built in the future.

Heated towel rails

Although this may seem like a minor detail, it’s one of the most requested additions to new homes. With our mostly mild winters, a heated towel rail is the perfect choice for chilly bathrooms without going over the top. They don’t use a lot of energy and some can be timed to come on before your regular shower. A little bit of luxury and comfort, for minimal cost.

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