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How to Style Your Home like an Interior Designer

How to Style Your Home like an Interior Designer
June 6, 2019 Sally_iq8H06LX2XX

There are thousands of pictures on social media and various websites depicting immaculately styled rooms and perfectly pristine homes. Most of us think we can only ever dream of having a Pinterest worthy home, but although it’s no easy feat, it is possible. Interior Designers make achieving these amazing spaces seem effortless, but they use a specific formula to get it just right.

Knowing how to combine the right amount of colour and patterns, as well as knowing what furniture, flooring and accessories to include is the first key to getting the perfect balance.

First off, you have to choose a style.

Although the layout or construction style of your home may sometimes point towards a certain look, it really comes down to personal choice. Your décor can reflect your personality, or maybe you prefer to go with current trends. Try to jot down a few words that describe what you like, for example: traditional, formal, spacious feel, modern.

Just remember that regardless of the style you choose, make sure you use some elements of this style or theme throughout the whole house. Doing this connects one room to the next and makes everything flow seamlessly.

Choosing a colour scheme is next on the list, and this can have a huge impact on the feel of your home.

Although you may want to follow trends, most people choose colours based on personal preference. After all, you have to live with it so there’s no point going with the latest trends if you despise the colours.

If you really want to get it right, the experts follow what is known as ‘The Rule of 3’. If you want that perfectly curated, designer looking home we recommend you use this fail safe method as well.

● First is the dominant colour – for walls and carpets (60% of colour in house).

● Then you have the secondary colour – for large furniture such as couches and chairs (30% of colour in house).

● Lastly, pick an accent colour – Used for throws, cushion, flowers etc. Use this colour sparingly to add a bit of drama (10% of colour in house).

When it comes to actually styling and decorating your home, remember- Odd Numbers are your friend.

Whether you’re choosing items to decorate your coffee table, or lamenting on how many cushions to adorn your sofa, try to stick to odd numbers only. Not only do odd numbers tend to look more appealing, but they can really help to bring a room together. Also try and mix up the heights, colours, shapes and textures of items you are displaying to really make them pop.

Another thing to consider is the lighting in your house.

Never underestimate the Importance of Lighting. Try and use as much natural light as possible, through strategically placed windows and skylights. If you’re designing your own home, talk to your Momu design specialist about making sure your house plans allow for as much natural light to filter in as possible. If there is little to no natural light, ensure you use the correct indoor, artificial light. The wrong lighting can affect your whole design, and can even change the look of your wall and furniture colours.

Most important of all is making sure you Brainstorm and Plan well ahead of time. Making a mood board is one of the best ways to bring all the ideas you have floating around in your head to life. A good way to find inspiration is by perusing magazines, visiting display homes, browsing Pinterest and looking through your favourite interior design websites.

Once you’ve gathered all the patterns, colours, textures and styles you like together, it’s time for the magic to happen!

With your mood board in hand and your new found interior design expertise (thanks to these handy tips of course), your home is sure to rival even the most glamorous of homes on Pinterest!

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