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How to integrate Smart Technology into your home

How to integrate Smart Technology into your home
May 28, 2019 Sally_iq8H06LX2XX

Technology has changed the way we work, communicate and live in so many ways. The move of technology into our homes was an obvious progression, and allows us to have total control over our home’s air temperature, lighting, entertainment systems, security, reticulation and even our toilets. You are only limited by your imagination! Even if you want to time your coffee machine to turn on 10 minutes before you get out of bed, the technology is available.

Heating and Cooling

One of the most common Smart Home systems found in today’s homes are those that control the climate. Being able to set timers to turn your air conditioner on and off not only helps you keep your home at a comfortable temperature, but reduces your power bills significantly. It is also a relief to know that you have control when you are not home – no more dashes back home because you forgot to turn the heating off!

Some of the things you can do are listed below:

● Ability to time heat to come on an hour before you get up in the morning during winter.

● Turning heating/cooling on before you arrive home so your house is the perfect temperature when you walk in.

● Having the ability to heat or cool rooms separately.

● Being able to set a sleep timer.


The possibilities for automating lighting in your home are endless. With rising electricity costs, any help in keeping bills down is welcome.

These are just a few of the ideas:

● Using motion detectors to turn off lights in vacated rooms.

● Have lights turn on automatically when you arrive home after dark.

● Ability to program lights to turn on/off at certain times of day.

● Turn all lights in an area on/off with a single button.

● LED lighting can be programmed to automatically increase or reduce lighting based on the natural light that is filtering into the home.

Home Security

Being able to integrate your security system with your existing devices such as your smartphone, means protecting your home has never been easier. But it’s no longer just about a basic camera setup over your front door – there is so much more to it:

● Ability to access CCTV live stream via your smartphone.

● Ability to program doors to auto lock/unlock when you leave/arrive home.

● Program all lights to activate during a home intrusion.

● Receive notifications to your phone if movement is detected whilst nobody is home, or on your property during the night.

Home Entertainment

It may not be as important as security, but having all your home entertainment automated is top of the list for lots of people. If you like to entertain at home or just love to relax at home with your family, there is something for everyone to love in Smart Home Technology:

● Stream music to every room.

● Play different music in each room with separate audio zones.

● Combine music with mood lighting.

● Auto close blinds/dim lights in theatre room when you turn on TV.

So although it may sound complicated, in reality it has never been easier to automate your home. If you are wanting to design your own home, then chat with Momu about your plans for a Smart Home.

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