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Pros and cons: building a home on a narrow block

Pros and cons: building a home on a narrow block
September 23, 2021 Sally_iq8H06LX2XX

With block sizes getting smaller, making the most of every inch of land is crucial. Building on a narrow block is made easy with a smart design. Deciding to build a new home is exciting. The first step on that journey is finding the perfect block of land for your needs. Whether you are looking to build an investment property, wanting to upgrade to your dream home, or are building your first ever home, finding the right block of land in a location that you want is important.

There are so many choices available, and in the end it really comes down to personal preference. If you are wanting to live close to the city, or near the beach, you will tend to find that these areas have more narrow blocks of land. People used to avoid narrow blocks as it was thought that you could not get a spacious and beautiful home on such a narrow space. This is definitely not the case.

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Here are some pros and cons you should consider if you are thinking of building on a narrow block:




One of the biggest pros to a narrow block is the price. Smaller and/or narrower lots are often more affordable, and when it comes to building a house the cost is definitely a big factor in people’s choice of land. Building a home is a huge investment, choosing a narrow block is a great way to save money while still getting the house you want. The money that is saved can mean a smaller mortgage with lower repayments, or more left in the budget for your house.


Another big plus of owning a smaller home on a narrow block is that you won’t need to maintain as much land compared to a larger block. Choosing a narrow lot generally means having a smaller garden with lower initial landscaping costs and significantly less work involved to maintain. If you are not into gardening, then a smaller and more manageable lot might be more suited to your lifestyle.


One benefit that is often appealing about narrow lot living is that a smaller house typically means less cleaning. Let’s face it; nobody wants to spend their life cleaning and a bigger home definitely requires a lot more work. Opting to build on a narrow block generally means your home design includes only the rooms you desire with no extra hallways or spare rooms that need cleaning.


Depending on the area you’re looking to build in, you may find that looking at narrow blocks of land opens up new possibilities in terms of location. For example, in a well-established or older suburb, a standard size lot could be out of budget; however, many of the existing land owners in these areas are choosing to subdivide their large lots, resulting in the availability of smaller, more affordable lots in sought-after suburbs.


Building on a narrow block needs a smart design



Before considering a narrow block, you need to look at your lifestyle and family. Do you have a large family? Do you have pets? Is a backyard important to your lifestyle? Big families and/or families with dogs may wish to have more space, both inside and outside. If this is the case then a larger/wider block may be more suited to your lifestyle.


One of the downsides of selecting a narrow block is that you may need to carefully consider parking. Would you prefer a single garage or a double garage? This will be an important factor in your home design, regardless of whether you are choosing to build on a narrow block with rear access or a narrow block with front access. With the right design advice and creative thinking, a great variety of designs can be achieved that maximise living space whilst accomodating the necessary amount of parking.


Building on a narrow lot could potentially limit your options with regards to furniture; for example, if you’re moving from a larger rental into a newly built narrow lot home, you may have difficulty fitting your large sofa into the new living room. This issue can be avoided by measuring your furniture during the design and planning stages and making your design consultant aware so that your favourite items can comfortably be accomodated.


A narrower lot can impact the design configurations available for your home. If you are wanting to customise your house plan, keep in mind that having a narrower block can limit design flexibility. A Momu consultant will be able to show you what can be achieved on a narrow block. They’ll advise you on the land type best suited to you and your preferred new home.



How To Decide If A Narrow Block Is Right For You

At the end of the day, the main factors that you will need to consider when deciding on a narrow block are the price, the location, your maintenance preferences, and whether the block is large enough to accomodate all of the spaces you and your family need to fully enjoy the lifestyle of living in a brand new home.

When you build on a narrow block with Momu your home includes all of our excellent standard features such as:

  • Super-chic Essastone benchtops throughout
  • Stylish flooring included throughout the home
  • Choice of vertical or venetian blinds throughout the home
  • Choice of architecturally designed front elevations
  • 900mm Westinghouse stainless steel appliances
  • Choice of flickmixer taps in chrome, black, or nickel
  • Quality custom cabinetry made right here in Perth
  • Peace of mind with a lifetime structural guarantee

That means that you won’t be compromising on quality just because your new home is on the smaller side. Every moment is that little bit sweeter in a beautiful new home whether you choose to build on a narrow lot or a larger traditional size lot.

Check out our range of narrow lot home designs or speak to a Momu consultant about customising a design to suit your individual needs and requirements.

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